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How to Remove Trace Oxygen from High Purity Gas

Application of high purity gas:

High-purity gas refers to gas with higher purity, which is usually obtained by removing impurities in it by various technical means. These high-purity gases have important applications in many industries, including:

1. Semiconductor manufacturing: High-purity gases are used in semiconductor manufacturing to maintain a clean environment to ensure chip quality and performance.

2. Laser technology: In lasers, high-purity gases are used to maintain the stability of the optical cavity to produce stable laser output.

3. Medical use: High-purity gases such as oxygen and nitrogen are used for gas inhalation in medical equipment, such as oxygen therapy and anesthesia.

4. Food and beverage industry: High-purity carbon dioxide is often used for bubbles in soft drinks, and also for maintaining inert atmosphere in food packaging.

5. Gas analysis: In scientific research and industry, high-purity gases are used to calibrate and calibrate gas analysis instruments.

Hazards caused by the presence of oxygen in high-purity gases:

Although oxygen is an essential gas for sustaining life, its high purity can be dangerous under certain circumstances. In high purity gas applications, excess oxygen can cause the following problems:

1. Fire and Explosion: High concentrations of oxygen can promote combustion and increase the risk of fire and explosion. Under certain circumstances, even a small spark can cause a serious accident.

2. Oxygen toxicity: Prolonged exposure to high concentrations of oxygen in an environment, such as an oxygen chamber, may cause symptoms of poisoning, including dyspnea, headache, nausea, etc.

Application of deoxidation catalyst in high purity gas deoxygenation:

A deoxygenation catalyst is a material used to remove oxygen from a gas. It is widely used in the manufacture of high-purity gases to ensure that the purity of the gas meets specific requirements, such as in semiconductor manufacturing processes. Deoxygenation catalysts can effectively reduce oxygen content, thereby reducing danger and adverse effects.

Advantages of MINSTRONG deoxygenation catalyst:

MINSTRONG deoxygenation catalysts are designed to efficiently remove oxygen from high-purity gases and have the following advantages:

1. Efficient deoxidation: MINSTRONG deoxidizer has excellent deoxidation performance, can quickly absorb and convert oxygen, thereby reducing the oxygen content in the gas to an extremely low level.

2. Renewable reuse: This deoxidizer can be regenerated to restore it to a state of high deoxidation performance, so that it can be used many times, reducing cost and waste of resources.

3. Stability and reliability: MINSTRONG deoxidizers show stable performance in different industrial environments, ensuring the reliability of gas purity.

4. Safety: The use of MINSTRONG deoxidizer can reduce the danger caused by oxygen in high-purity gas, reduce the risk of fire and explosion, and ensure the safety of production and workplace.

To sum up, high-purity gases have important applications in many fields, but the oxygen content in them may cause harm. The use of deoxygenation catalysts such as MINSTRONG can effectively reduce the oxygen content and ensure the purity and safety of high-purity gases.


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