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Filter fire self-rescue breathing apparatus help us to escape fom fire

Filter fire self-rescue breathing apparatus, also known as gas masks, smoke masks, fire escape masks, etc., are generally deployed in public places and houses such as hotels, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, airport lounges, entertainment venues, etc. When using escape.

Gas masks filter toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen cyanide (HCN) because of a key filtration device, the canister.

The gas mask inside the gas mask has a three-layer structure, which is a desiccant layer, a catalyst layer (Hogarat agent layer), and a smoke film. In the middle of the three-layer structure, there is a separate filter mat to separate them into separate areas. The filter felt is made of ultra-fine glass fiber, which is breathable and heat-resistant. It can filter out large particles of smoke first, which is the first barrier for the protection of the canister.

The canister filters carbon monoxide (CO) because of the internal catalyst (hogarat) layer. Catalyst is a kind of catalyst. When carbon monoxide (CO) passes through a canister, it reacts with oxygen in the air to produce carbon dioxide (CO2) that is harmless to the human body. Today's fire protection market is mixed. Some small workshop-style factories are in a hurry. Interests, regardless of the quality of the product, to replace the catalyst with activated carbon that can not filter the toxic fumes, it is easy to cause adverse consequences, and consumers are expected to identify the purchase.

Since the catalyst is easily apt to absorb moisture in the air, a desiccant layer is added in front of the catalyst layer in the canister. When used, the desiccant layer first filters out the moisture entering the canister, so that the catalyst layer can maximize its effect.

Hopcalite catalyst is a catalyst made of activated manganese dioxide and copper oxide in a certain proportion, which is widely used in the protection of gas. Hopcalite is a good catalyst for CO oxidation at normal temperature. It has the characteristics of low cost, high catalyst and adsorption of carbon monoxide, so it is widely used in filter self-rescue breathing apparatus. Sealed packaging, placed in a ventilated and dry place for three years.

Drying agent: The normal temperature CO oxidant used in the filter self-rescue respirator is that it is easy to fail when exposed to water. Therefore, a desiccant is placed in front of the catalyst layer of the filter self-rescue respirator to absorb water vapor in the air to prevent catalyst failure.

The last line of defense of the canister is the filter membrane, which can effectively filter more than 99% of smoke and tiny particles. The toxic fumes that pass through will become clean air, allowing the wearer to maintain physical strength for a period of time.


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