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About us

Hunan Minstrong Technology Co., Ltd, which located in Changsha, Hunan Province, is a diversified technology enterprise, integrating development, production and sales. The business involves catalysts, carbon products and hardware.

In the field of catalysts, Minstrong focus on high active Hopcalite catalysts and its affiliated products, drying agent desiccant etc. Till now, the Hopcalite catalyst are exported to Canada, Germany, South Korea, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia, other countries and regions. The independently designed process flow can ensure that the products have excellent catalytic performance. Minstrong has experienced technical experts in the field of catalysts, which can provide customers with professional technology and product services. At the same time, Minstrong establishes a long-term cooperative relationship with the Chemical Engineering Institute of Southeast University, and continuously improve product quality.

In the filed of carbon products, Minstrong has long-term and stable cooperation factories for carbon products, especially recarburizer, graphite petroleum coke GPC, calcined petroleum coke CPC, anthracite carbon raiser, etc. With factories’ high level support, Minstrong provides customers with high quality and cheap carbon products.

In the filed of hardware, Minstrong has invested in a professional hardware manufacturing factory to provide customers with high-quality hardware tools and machine tool accessories.

The core team of Minstrong is from Zhejiang University, Southeast University and Shanghai High-level Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. “Three high” concepts, high management efficiency, high product quality, high quality service, and creating value for global customer are the principles Minstrong has been insisted.


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