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Successful cases of deep removal of carbon monoxide in air separation system

The causes and hazards of carbon monoxide in the air separation system:

The air separation system is a device used to separate components such as oxygen and nitrogen in the air. In the air separation process, carbon monoxide (CO) is a common by-product, which mainly comes from the combustion of carbonaceous fuels and some chemical reactions. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas, but it has serious hazards to human body and environment. When people inhale high concentrations of carbon monoxide, it will combine with hemoglobin, reducing the oxygen transport capacity in the blood, leading to poisoning and even death. In addition, carbon monoxide also has a negative impact on the atmospheric environment and pollutes air quality.

Advantages of MINSTRONG catalysts in treating carbon monoxide in air separation systems:

MINSTRONG has developed a catalyst specially used for the treatment of carbon monoxide, which can effectively degrade carbon monoxide in the air separation system, thereby reducing its threat to human health and the environment. The catalyst has the following advantages:

1. Efficient degradation: MINSTRONG catalyst can efficiently decompose carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, thereby reducing its concentration.

2. Stability: The catalyst has high stability and lifespan, and can continuously and effectively degrade carbon monoxide for a long time.

3. Low-temperature activity: The catalyst can play an effective catalytic role at a relatively low temperature, which is conducive to energy saving and consumption reduction.

4. Environmental protection: no secondary pollutants will be produced during the treatment process, and will not cause negative impact on the environment.

5. Customized solutions: According to the specific needs and system characteristics of customers, MINSTRONG can provide customized carbon monoxide treatment solutions to ensure the best performance and effect.

MINSTRONG has rich experience to provide customers with complete carbon monoxide solutions:

MINSTRONG is an environmental protection solution provider with many years of experience, and has accumulated rich expertise and experience in the field of carbon monoxide treatment. Not only provide high-efficiency catalyst products, but also provide customers with a full range of solutions, including system design, catalyst selection and application, equipment installation, commissioning and after-sales service. Through close cooperation with customers, MINSTRONG is able to provide customized carbon monoxide treatment solutions for air separation systems in different industries to ensure that customers meet environmental protection, safety and compliance requirements


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