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Ozone O3 Decomposition Catalyst

  • Honeycomb Ozone O3 Decomposition Catalyst
  • Honeycomb Ozone O3 Decomposition Catalyst
Honeycomb Ozone O3 Decomposition CatalystHoneycomb Ozone O3 Decomposition Catalyst

Honeycomb Ozone O3 Decomposition Catalyst

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  • Ozone O3 Decomposition Catalyst
  • Product description: Honeycomb Ozone O3 Decomposition Catalyst for sale

Ozone O3 Decomposition Catalyst Introduction

The main active ingredients of Minstrong ozone destruction catalyst are active composite metal oxide. In addition to catalytic oxidation of ozone, it also has the function of disinfection and sterilization. The long-term use of the catalyst will not breed bacteria and mold.

It is widely used in household appliances, copying, printing, fine chemicals synthesis and tap water, wastewater treatment, ozone source field.  Such as printing factory, ozone sterilizing water machine (water purifier water plant), ozone disinfection, ozone sterilization room, medical disinfection cabinet, city residential use of ozone treatment pipeline direct drinking water system, using ozone sterilization of hospital, chemical plant sewage treatment system, a high voltage discharge process production workshop.

Ozone O3 Decomposition Catalyst Technical Data

Ozone O3 Decomposition Catalyst Technical Data


Powder, Particle Granule, Pellet Columnar, Honeycomb and Spherality Ball type

Effective Constituent

80% min


60 N/cm min

Specific Surface Area

≥240 /g


0.75(±0.5) g/ml


20-400 ℃ (best range is 20-100 ℃)

Space Velocity

3000-80000 /h

Ozone decomposition ability

10.0 mg/g

Ozone decomposition efficiency

Can reach 100%

Note: technical data can be customized as your request.

Ozone O3 Decomposition Catalyst Packing & Delivery

General Packing: 30KG in iron barrel with plastic lining on pallet

Packing based on user's needs.

For quantity below 2 tons, we can  deliver the Ozone O3 Destruction catalyst within 7 days.

Shipping Port: Guangzhou/Shanghai/other port as request

Air transportation, ocean transportation, railway transportation and truck transportation are available.

Ozone O3 Decomposition Catalyst Sample

In order to help you know our products better, our factory would like to offer free sample by express air courier after mutual communication.

Thank you for your patient reading! We welcome your inquiry.

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